Baguio Boy Raised Hell at the 2010 NPC USA BB Championships

Jerry Mayona
Posted: 20-Aug-2010 / 7 years 48 weeks ago

The silverbacks of the urban jungle, all 500 or more of them from America trooped to Las Vegas, Nevada last July 30-31, 2010 to compete for the top titles during the 2010 USA Bodybuilding Championships. These men and women were also hoping aside from bringing home the trophies to achieve Pro status in the International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB). Among them is Jesse Rae Depaynos Sabater, a Baguio Boy now based in Oxnard, California.

Sabater qualified for the Welter weight classification division and beat 16 others to come out 2nd (at 154lbs) losing by only 1 point to two-time winner Luis Santa of Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was a heavy and tight competition between Santa and Sabater, the both of them gave the judges some pretty difficult time deciding who goes 1st and 2nd. Santa, in an interview hosted by Shawn Ray admitted he did not feel he was the only guy to beat because “Sabater also came in great shape” and that “Jesse was a great guy and a great competitor.”

This would put another one to Jesse Sabater’s added trophy collections of the NPC USA Competitions putting the Baguio Boy one of the best in his field of sports. In his track record Sabater was in 7th place competing for the lightweight division in 2002. Gaining some pounds he elevated to the welterweight division and stayed there since 2006, and was 1st Runner Up to Perry McRae. In 2007, he went home bagging the same 1st Runner Up trophy a bit behind Mark Harris. Re-entering the competition in 2009, he ranked 7th, again with Luis Santa at 1st place.

Jesse Sabater was not that “big” when he started bodybuilding. It took him years to attain the body he sports now. 20 years in the field taught him the discipline to break the barriers that cage most of his contemporaries in the state and stage where they were years ago and never transcended. Admittedly, he says, “it is hard work, especially during the training seasons”, and for this competition he was on a very strict diet regimen for 12 weeks.

Sabater was born and raised in Baguio City and La Trinidad. He says he is partly Igorot (his mom of Ibaloi lineage), and part Caviteno (on his dad’s side). He used to play the gyms in Baguio City and was trained then by another Baguio bodybuilding legend, Sammy Ayochok. He was also a member of the Philippine national team in 1991 before he moved to California. Still exhausted but floating in glory from the recently concluded competition he is again looking forward to the National Championships in Atlanta, Georgia come October 16, 2010.