Several Arrested by Baguio Police

Elizabeth Cedo
Posted: 02-Feb-2011 / 7 years 11 weeks ago

          Peace and orderis everybody’s business.  The primary concern of Baguio Police is to maintain the serenity in every community or barangay.  Several arrests were made by personnel of Baguio City Police Office in separate occasions on January 30, 2011 mostly for Physical Injuries.

          Personnel of Station 4 arrested one Michael Madelo y Almozera, 26 years old, single, security guard, native of Bacuag, Surigao del Norte and presently residing at Purok Bubon, Loakan Proper at about 7:35 AM at his residence by virtue of a warrant of arrest for a case of THEFT under CC # 31306-R issued by Judge Fernando Cil Pamintuan of 1st Judicial Branch 3.  A bail bond of P20,000.00 was recommended.  He was temporarily detained at the custodial cell of this station to be turned over to the issuing court.  Meanwhile, another arrest was made at about 8:30 AM at SITEL, Loakan Road for a case of PHYSICAL INJURIES, SIMPLE THREAT, RESISTANCE AND DISOBEDIENCE TO AN AGENT/ IN PERSON OF AUTHORITY and DRUNKENNESS. One Rhey Jansen Pascual y Macaraeg, 31 years old, barker, resident of Purok 4, Hillside, Baguio City was arrested on complaint of Joseph Matic-an, 29 years old, married, security guard; Charlene Mateo, 21 years old, single; and SPO4 Martin Andres et al.  Initial investigation disclosed that the suspect threatened Charlene Mateo with bodily harm because Madelo, who was under the influence of alcohol, insisted in entering the guarded premises of SITEL.  Security guard Matic-an intervened and tried to escort the suspect outside.  He then turned his ire towards Matic-an by boxing his face and head.  At this juncture, duty personnel of this office immediately responded and brought both parties at the station.  During the investigation, the suspect acted unruly and disrespectful to the duty personnel that resulted to his arrest.  Case was referred to Inquest Prosecutor Rolando Vergara who ordered the detention of the suspect at Baguio City Jail.

          A case of physical injuries (mauling) transpired at about 9:15 AM along Lower Magsaysay Ave., fronting Untalan Mechanical Shop .  Personnel of Station 2 identified the victim as Billy Jim Galeng y Unnan, 30 years old, single, native of Talubin, Bontoc, Mt Province and a resident of Bayabas, Pico, La Trinidad, Benguet.  Investigation disclosed that the victim challenged Albert Balintag y Paldit, 31 years old, single, native of Belwang, Sadanga, Mt Province and resident of Lower Pinget, BC and Silas Ekid y Dalilis, 32 years old, single, native of Mainit, Bontoc, Mt Province and resident of Pinsao Pilot Project, BC inside Susan’s Bar, Bokawkan Rd., BC  who were drinking at another table.  After being ignored, the victim asked permission from his group to go home ahead of them.  He ran away but the suspects ran after him prompting the other group members to follow them.  The victim was mauled and later on brought to Pines Doctor’s Hospital for multiple facial abrasions and nasal bone fracture.  Responding policemen were able to arrest two out of the three suspects.

          At about 4:30 PM at Lower West Quirino Hill, Alelie Sabado y Gregorio, 26 years old, single, programmer at Texas Instruments, Clark, Pampanga and resident of Lower Quirino Hill, BC filed a complaint against her father, Antonio Sabado y Sabado, 65 years old, resident of same address for Physical Injuries.  According to investigation,, while the complainant was walking with her three year old niece when respondent blocked their way and uttered “Awan pakialam ko uray babae ka!”  complainant ignored him but the suspect punched her at the right arm and continued attacking her until concerned citizens pacified him.  He is now detained at BCJ as per duty inquest  Prosecutor Nenita Opiana.

          Through the initiative of the Station 7 Commander,  PSI HENRY DOMOGAN a known thief was apprehended at about 12:25 PM at O-shape overpass, Abanao St., BC identified as Chester Tayab Salio-an, 28 years old, single, jobless, native of Bulanao, Tabuk, Kalinga.  While the complainant was supervising the deployed personnel at the above mentioned place, he noticed a male person wearing a gray sweat shirt with hood tailing a lady and repeatedly tapping her bag which was positioned at her back.  He observed that the suspect was sticking himself closer to the lady and when the lady turned her back, he also turned his back and removed his hood.  The complainant recognized the man to be involved in a series of theft activities.  The suspect tried to run but was immediately accosted because the place was crowded.  PSI DOMOGAN asked for any identification but failed to show one.  Suspect was arrested and referred to duty inquest Prosecutor Nenita Opiana who ordered the detention of the suspect at BCJ.

          One LITO MALINAO VELASCO, 23 years old, single, pocket miner at Dalicno, Itogon, Benguet, native of Samar and resident of Manganese, Dalicno, Itogon, Benguet was arrested on complaint of Kagawad Victor Dimayo and Barangay tanod Renato Servito Bautista, of legal ages, Barangay officials of Kayang, Hilltop, BC for a case of Assault upon a person in authority, unjust vexation, and alarm and scandal at about 9:10 PM along Kayang, Hilltop, Baguio City,.  The complainants alleged that while they were on patrol, they heard a commotion between the suspect and another male person.  They approached the suspect and identified themselves as Barangay officials and tried to pacify them.  Howevr, the suspect removed his t-shirt and uttered “uray man no tanod kayo nga adda pang or yu, haan kayo nga kabuteng”.  The suspect tried to punch Bautista but was able to evade it.  He was brought to the Barangay hall where the suspect shouted at the top of his voice alarming passersby.  Personnel of COMPAC 1 were informed of the incident and turned him over to the policemen.  Cases were prepared for inquest proceedings.

          Through the initiative of the PNP in its thrust to prevent crime, several programs and plans are being implemented to ensure the safety and protection of every person.  Any criminal activities that may harm or endanger the lives and properties of any individual will not be tolerated.  It is the duty of every law enforcer to put behind bars offenders under due process and protect the rights of every person to live a decent and peaceful life.   

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